CIS enrolments for 2024 now open

Required Forms and Documents to Enrol

Enrolments will be confirmed in an email from CIS. There is a limit of 20 students per class and any who fall beyond the limit will go onto a waiting list.

School Fees and Bank Details

School Fees (for enrolment from Term 1):
1st & 2nd child $160/year ($40/term each)
3rd & 4th child $80/year ($20/term each)
Any subsequent children are free.
School fees are reduced when enrolling in later terms (if vacancies exist)

Bank Details:

Account Name: The Canberra Islamic School

BSB: 112908

Account Number: 489224800

Reference: {Last Name} {Payment Type e.g. CIS Fees}

Waiting List

Enrolments are open only for the first two weeks of any Term. If it is past the second week and for any classes that have reached capacity (i.e. 20 students per class), your child/ren will automatically go into the waiting list.

Please fill in the CIS Online Enrolment Form provided above.

Other Useful Information