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Working with Vulnerable People Registration

If you are volunteering for more than 3 days in any 4-week period and 7 days in any 12-month period, a Working with Vulnerable People (WWVP) clearance is required. It is easy to apply: fill in the form (select the 'volunteer' option and it's free) in the link below and take it with required documents to any Access Canberra shopfront and they will take a photo and lodge your application:

CIS Volunteer Registration

Please fill in the CIS Volunteer Registration Form available here.

Guidelines for Supervision of the Children

  1. Have your WWVP card on you at all times you are volunteering unless the exception above applies to you.

  2. Wear yellow vest. High visibility of go-to person is very important. The Yellow Vests are hanging on the coat stand in the office. The vest can be picked up every morning in the office and returned there at the end of your shift.

  3. Ensuring safety of children:

    • Watching the perimeters

      1. Children don't go past the school boundary (chasing balls, etc).

      2. Stay out of the carpark.

    • Don't climb the roof.

    • Children play safely (e.g. stay clear of swing when in use, don't throw sticks or stones, etc).

    • Children respect each other, take turns, etc.

    • Ball games are played safely.

  4. In case of conflicts/fights/arguments, stay calm, if you can resolve fairly and justly that's best; otherwise send children involved to the CIS office with an adult or responsible older child.

  5. In case of injuries, send to CIS office with a partner/responsible adult.

  6. In case of serious injury/incident, stay calm and have someone get first aid officer from the office.

  7. Be aware of strangers. Approach them and ask if you can help. If they are at the Masjid to pray, prayer is at 1:10pm or pray quietly in the Masjid's free space.

  8. Please do not hit or lose your temper at any child!

This is not an exhaustive list. You will have to use your best judgement. Please talk to a staff member if you have any issues.